About Us

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Swanstrom Auto Repair

Family Owned and Operated Since 1991

We specialize in "general" mechanical repair and diagnostics in the Alexandria, MN area. Our shop Rate is currently at 60 dollars per hour for labor. The services we offer range from engine diagnostics, brake jobs, oil changes, front end work, and everything in between. Costs for services always vary per vehicle, and prices are always communicated up front to the customer. Some menu priced items are as follows: Brakes $180 - $220 per axle for pads/rotors/labor. coolant flush $80, transmission flush/filter $120 - $135, oil change for 5 quarts 26 dollars, and heater core flush $45.

In the past 25 years we have grown a great deal and continue to see a lot of new faces every week, as well as faces we have seen for 25 years. We are right on the out skirts of Alexandria, so we have many businesses near us, as well as several schools. Many customers choose to drop their vehicles off before work or school and we give them a ride to work. This is very ideal for us and our customers.